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ILTACON 2017 Educational Program Session Description

Join “3 Kings and a Queen” of document management as they share years of DMS experience in supporting firms and legal departments of all sizes with their DMS initiatives.  Our panelists will provide valuable insights on how to “double down” on adoption and how not to “roll the dice” on business requirements and security.  Anyone who says that a DMS is just for “high roller” firms is simply “bluffing”!

If your firm or corporate legal department is looking to upgrade your existing DMS, transitioning from a network fileshare environment to a DMS, or investigating options for moving to a cloud vs. on-premises vs hybrid DMS environment – this is a program that you will definitely need to add into your busy ILTACON schedule.  This interactive session will help to clarify how to move forward on that DMS journey and provide you with “real-world” action items to add into your evaluation and implementation processes.

• Learn how to identify which DMS option might work best for your team’s environment/requirements—traditional vs. non-traditional / on premises, cloud or hybrid?
• Gain an understanding of the varying challenges your team might encounter on a DMS journey
• Be able to clearly pinpoint for executive buy-in those business process improvements to be gained with the incorporation of a DMS environment
• Leverage the lessons learned to enhance a DMS implementation process and improve overall adoption for your firm/corporate legal department




ILTA Conference 2017

Location:  Mandalay Bay | Las Vegas, NV

When:  August 13th through August 17th   



Information Governance Conference 2017 

Location:  Rhode Island Convention Center | Providence, RI

When:  September 26th through September 28th  






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